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1 lakebaikalorg

1 lakebaikalorg..

посвященное острейшим проблемам сохранения озера байкал

посвященное острейшим про..

Although the lake is frozen with a thick layer of ice, some sections of the ice are in constant movement

Although the lake is froz..



Lake baikal travel guidebook

Lake baikal travel guideb..

Research finds the connection between pacific winds and lake baikal

Research finds the connec..

You 2019re sure aware that lake baikal is the largest, deepest and clearest freshwater lake in our planet

You 2019re sure aware tha..

Lake baikal is remarkable for the richness of its fauna and flora

Lake baikal is remarkable..

Uzury area, olkhon island, baikal lake, russia view 25

Uzury area, olkhon island..

Arrow-head-sunset-on-lake-baikal-siberia-photo - earthpornorg


Lake baikal, russia

Lake baikal, russia..

Ice wave lake baikal, russia

Ice wave lake baikal, rus..

Lake baikal is the world 2019s oldest and deepest lake

Lake baikal is the world ..



Происхождение названия озера

Происхождение названия оз..

Озеро байкал - глубочайшее озеро планеты, располагается в южной части восточной

Озеро байкал - глубочайше..

Путешествие, байкал, зима, лёд, необычное, интересное, коньки

Путешествие, байкал, зима..

Baikal lake

Baikal lake..

Baikal im winter

Baikal im winter..

Lake baikal

Lake baikal..

It is also the oldest lake in the world (25-30 million years old) located in the south of eastern siberia

It is also the oldest lak..

Olkhon is the largest island of baikal lake

Olkhon is the largest isl..

Olkhon is the largest island of baikal lake

Olkhon is the largest isl..

By jarmila kasparova on russiasiberia baikal lake olkhon islan

By jarmila kasparova on r..

The fund for the development of the far east and the baikal region would be replenished to reach 100 billion roubles

The fund for the developm..

Озеро байкал фото

Озеро байкал фото..

Its the deepest lake on earth (1600 m), containing 20% (1/5 !) of the worlds freshwater

Its the deepest lake on e..

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